black notes

▼: Who is this????????
▲: Whoa whoa whoa! Who the fuck is this
▲: Something is not right here.
▼: You’re right……..
▼: Who are you!
▲: I’m you, dum8ass.
▼: There is only one way to solve this!!!!!!!!
▼: 8y singing!
▼: >::::D
▼: In this world there is no~
▲: That’s not going to solve our pro8lem at all……..
▼: Place for people like you~
▼: I’ll extermin8 you~
▼: With my spider8ite!
▲: Okay this is really just ridiculous.
▼: This is awkward.
▲: That didn’t even rhyme.
▼: You don’t know the song that 8elongs to Marquise Spinneret Mindfang?
▼: You are laaaaaaaame.
▲: Oh fuck you, altern8 me.
▼: Gladly.
▲: Hehehehehehehehe Serketcest anyone?
▼: Hahahahahahahaha
▼: We’ll spread is to everyone!
▲: This is officially a legitim8 ship.
▼: No one can resist the fine posture of the Serket ass!
▲: Damn straight!!!!!!!!
▼: Yeah!!!!!!!!
▼: I am going to put this shit up on Troll8ook, then the we shall spread this to everyone! and no one, a8solutely no one would 8e a8le to escape this!
▲: Serketcest for the win, 8itches.
▼: Straight up!
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